Veolia press release

Here is a press release issued by the recycling company Veolia. Veolia donate very many bikes to Community Cycleworks and we are very grateful to them for the relationship we have.

Click on the image on the left to view the full press release.


Workshop upgrade

Finally we are upgrading the workshop into a groovy training space (if the 2017/18 CGS bid is successful).

We had a delivery of bikes recently, so we now have a very full workshop waiting for a refresh. Would you believe we have now put more than 200 Year 6 students through the build a bike course in Southwark. A recent Cycle Grants for London success has meant we have three years to develop our Bike Club. More on that very soon.

Cycle to Work

Stewart riding out with the Rise girls

We’ve had a great blog published about our “Bikes for Business” scheme. Rise Communications are a marketing company based in “The Business Terrace” in Maidstone. They were so impressed by our scheme, they blogged about it! Well worth a few minutes of anyone’s time, find out here what the Rise Communications girls have to say: