Post-pandemic boom

Buying a bike: “It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought,” says 57-year-old Jude in this @BBCNews article. Hey Jude, well said my friend!

Maintaining the cycling boom, post-pandemic has got to be a priority to get people moving, to ger our congested roads moving.

The more cycle lanes, the more bikes, the more bikes, the less 4-wheeled vehicles and the more that encourages more people to ride instead of ride.  I think it’s called a virtuous circle.

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Voucher progress

There’s been a little bit of progress with the Government’s “Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme”. Repairers have now been invited to register to make voucher repairs.

Being able to actually get your hands on a voucher and use it, is a way off yet. “Sometime in the summer” … apparently. Maybe? Definitely? Possibly?

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Liquid gold

It’s hard to imagine how oiling your chain can be made to sound so complex… and expensive apparently. I mean, £70 for a bottle of oil? – that really is liquid gold.

Here’s a chain lube buyer’s guide:

Some good tips there, but how hard can it really be?! Let’s try not to make it into some dark art when it’s just oiling your chain to make it run smoother.

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