Chop chop

Sainsbury’s have launched their speedy bike delivery service called “Chop Chop” (do wot?!! – what a ridiculous name) which they are expanding outside of London.

Could definitely be the job for me?!!

However, I’m not sure about what they’re wearing though🙄


Steel is real

It’s a bit niche, I can’t deny, but here’s a selection of some beautiful steel-framed road bikes to salivate over.

Why not have some fun and decide which is your favourite?

The Colnago has that classic look and makes you want to swoon, and the Holdsworth frame is nice but now you know it’s owned by Planet X it doesn’t quite fee the same. The Shand Cycles Stoater for me looks stylish and is practical for everyday riding and off-roading. It’s the one that I’d be saving my pennies for if I had any! Dream on… 😥


Bike mechanics please?

This is a good indicator of the change that is sweeping the country. Along with bike sales going through the roof, it seems the world is also very short of bike mechanics!

As well as buying them, people have been getting them out the shed and finding them seized up and not working well.

If you’ve got some skills and knowledge, get yourself out there fixing bikes!


Brave new bike world

There’s definitely something strange going on out there in the Bike World. You only have to look outside your window and there are more people riding bicycles than ever – all sorts of bikes ridden by all sorts of people, everywhere.

Not just that, but there are people in power saying things about transport policy that they don’t normally say. They are giving away vouchers to get your bike fixed and it seems that bike shops just can’t cope with it all – especially with all the additional restrictions and difficulties in place around Covid-19.

So strange as it may seem, let’s all look forward to a Brave New Bike World. Pinch yourself. Is it really real?