5 things

5 things schools can do to tackle climate change:


‘Think about how staff and pupils travel to school’ – encourage cycling to school with secure bike stores and Bikeability training for children. Campaign for better safe routes to school

Cycling: big winner

“Cycling has come out a big winner,” says Jill Warren of the Brussels-based European Cycling Federation. “This time has shown us the potential cycling that has to change our cities and our lives.” (I think we know what she means!).


Cycling Tsar

£85m is to be invested in segregated cycling infrastructure to transform Greater Manchester:


This is going to be a landmark change which will hopefully be a blueprint for other cities to follow. Not content with being an innovative and hugely successful track and road cycling professional and bicycle manufacturing pioneer, Chris Boardman has turned his not inconsiderable focus and transformative enthusiasm to transport policy. I’m not sure I’d be willing to bet against him achieving fantastic results.

Don’t you wish you had @Chris_Boardman as Cycling Tsar of your town? Even if you don’t his legacy for Manchester could have a domino effect throughout the country.

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Cargo bikes

We love a good cargo bike here at CCW.

There is a growing demand for this green delivery alternative to multi-drop van. You cannot underestimate the amount of congestion these delivery vans cause. You can imagine the amount of good using cargo bikes instead will deliver – in more ways than one!

Granted, not all products can be delivered by bike, but many can. If you can, when you can, why not?

Carrying a heavy load is no excuse either, as there is a huge array of e-Cargo bikes on the market these days.

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