Bike Fix

We are open for Bike Fix in London only during the newly announced national Lockdown 3. For kids, this is FREE and adults we just ask for a donation towards parts.


Drop-off Bike Fix will recommence on Friday 8th January from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, every Friday until 26th February.

You will need to pre-book a one-hour slot and you will need to drop off your bike and leave it with us and pick it up at the end of the hour or when advised to do so.

This is a strict booking system to reduce contact between households and the general public, to ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to and that the risk to the health and safety of the public is avoided. If you turn up without a booking, we may not be able to help you on the day but can book you in for an alternative available time slot. See below for the simple method of booking your slot.

The location is:

Giraffe Hose Workshop
Burgess Park


Bike fix sessions will return to Kent sometime in 2021 but we are currently awaiting confirmation from our sponsors in this uncertain time.

Please respect all social distancing advice.


For any of our bike fix sessions, please fill out the form below to book a session (two people at a time).

  • Select a Location,
  • Select a service
  • Select a mechanic
  • Pick your date and time
  • Fill out your email, name and phone number, a short description of what is required and hit “Submit”.

You’ll receive an email to say your request is pending and another when it is confirmed. Your booking is not registered until you receive the second email saying it is confirmed. If there is a problem, please use the contacts page, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to send a message.

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