Where it all started for us. Bike repair sessions from our workshops or other community locations. Teaching repair skills, helping people fix their bikes, enabling them to become more self-sufficient and save money.

So many bikes lie unused because of a lack of repair skills to fix basic and common faults, these workshops empower people to undertake these fixes for themselves. Starting life as a series of mobile Pop-up bike repair workshops way back in 2012, our Bikefix sessions are now one of the mainstays of our activity.

Focusing mainly on young people 10-18 years, as well as an increasing number of local adults too, participants are supported by trained instructors and volunteers to learn and undertake repairs on their own bikes. It takes sooooo much longer than a traditional Dr Bike service because we put the tools in the hands of the participants, but that is the whole point.

The sessions promote recycling and re-use, using second hand parts where viable. We actively challenge the modern ‘throw away, buy another’ culture of today’s society. We aim to enable people to become more sustainable as riders and demystify the mechanics of bikes. These sessions run weekly from our Burgess Park and Pop-up workshops in South East London as well as other community/youth spaces around North Kent. We can provide these sessions for youth clubs, community centres or workplaces.



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