Speeding drivers

This is good – Police across the UK have launched a three-week blitz on speeding drivers to keep vulnerable road users safe. How sane and sensible is that? Good news indeed.
However, we also need to not just clamp down on the wrong-doers, but educate everyone on sharing the road and not waging war out there on our roads. https://buff.ly/2ZeQdwp

Mountain bike helmets

There’s always lots of controversy around bike helmets. Mention the words “bike” and “helmet” in the same sentence and opinion will immediately be polarised quicker than you can say the word “Brexit”!
Surely though, it’s a given that you wear one if you’re mountain biking? – but what’re the best options available right now?
See here for the hotest deals on the best MTB helmets: https://buff.ly/3bK21cy

Keyworkers cycling

We are now part of the team!

Sustrans has published an online resource to help keyworkers find bike offers and services in their area.

Well done Sustrans, what a fantastic resource – and we’re hugely proud to be part of that service offering free bike hire and bike fix sessions for hospitals in London and Kent.


Freeride mountain biking

Here’s one of the best shot videos we’ve seen that captures the freedom and challenge of freeride mountain biking.

With a strong message to chase your dream – 13minutes 30 seconds of escape.

Grab a brew, click play and enjoy…

Veolia press release

Here is a press release issued by the recycling company Veolia. Veolia donate very many bikes to Community Cycleworks and we are very grateful to them for the relationship we have.

Click on the image on the left to view the full press release.