Build a bike

Over the past four years Community Cycleworks has provided Build a Bike courses in Southwark schools as part of the Council’s School Travel Plan initiative. Working with years 6, 7 and 8, we provide donated bikes that are then refurbished with the children, and upon completion, they can keep and use for their school journey or donate to an adult in their family.


“It is just wonderful that he has a bike now, his last one was stolen”
– Head teacher, St Johns and St Clement

“The teamwork that this project encourages is incredible…students who would not normally work together figuring things out and collaborating to overcome the problem” – Teaching Assistant

“Dad…this bike is for you for Father’s Day!” – Year 6 pupil, Ivydale school

“I like working on bikes, it makes me feel calm” – Student from inclusion class, Harris Peckham

The course provides maintenance skills to children along with a thorough understanding of how a bike works, allowing them to problem solve if something happens when they are cycling.

In exit surveys 66% of students said they felt more comfortable riding their bikes because they understood better how they worked. Bellenden school in Peckham recorded that three weeks after the course 75% of students were still cycling to school.

Other benefits are an increased dialogue around cycling within the school community while the course is running, an inspiring way to engage people in recycling and a chance for the school community to recirculate unwanted bikes.

We are always seeking new partnerships with schools to run this course in 2018-2019 curriculum year. To find out more or make a booking please contact us.

Community Build a Bike

New for 2018 and kindly funded by Peckham and Nunhead Community Council, our Community Build a Bike in a day is an intensive one-day course where participants are taught how to rebuild a bike and carry out minor repairs and adjustments. The ten participants were a diverse mix with some students, refugees and unemployed but all with a desire to cycle as transport. The bikes were donated by Veoliaand Community Reuse.

“I signed up to the course as my previous bike was stolen. I also wanted to learn some practical skills too. I now understand the parts of a bike and how they go together to create a whole bike, I can change and adjust brake and gear wires and I also met and helped some nice people too.”Kate Gould, Participant