Brave new bike world

There’s definitely something strange going on out there in the Bike World. You only have to look outside your window and there are more people riding bicycles than ever – all sorts of bikes ridden by all sorts of people, everywhere.

Not just that, but there are people in power saying things about transport policy that they don’t normally say. They are giving away vouchers to get your bike fixed and it seems that bike shops just can’t cope with it all – especially with all the additional restrictions and difficulties in place around Covid-19.

So strange as it may seem, let’s all look forward to a Brave New Bike World. Pinch yourself. Is it really real?


Pollution solution

We must find a way to keep bikes safer on the roads once lockdown has lifted. Although, you’re more likely to have an accident gardinging than you are cycling on UK roads, the public perception is that iit is unsafe.

It’s been one of the major benefits of lockdown, reduced car traffic and pollution – let’s make sure we try and keep some of that good stuff.


Speeding drivers

This is good – Police across the UK have launched a three-week blitz on speeding drivers to keep vulnerable road users safe. How sane and sensible is that? Good news indeed.
However, we also need to not just clamp down on the wrong-doers, but educate everyone on sharing the road and not waging war out there on our roads.