Fix a Bike School Courses

Practical hands-on workshops, our Fix a Bike workshops for schools are structured, dynamic and fun for 30 students. Covering basic bike repair and why cycling is good for both riders and the planet.

Course benefits

  • Practical hands-on bike repair class
  • Links to Geography, PE and Science
  • Interactive cycle route-planning
  • Structured, dynamic and fun
  • Promote active travel
  • 60 student capacity
  • Builds confidence
  • Highly recommended by pupils and staff

There are a number of missing links that are preventing young people from cycling as often as they would like. One reason is a lack of basic, practical repair skills. Over 60% of students report that they have never attempted to repair a bike. This reduces their confidence and feeds into mechanical anxieties, stopping people cycling because of worries about ‘what will I do if my chain falls off or I get puncture?’

Our Schools Fix a Bike workshops are practical workshops supported by expert staff that empower and teach basic repair skills to a whole class of 30 students at a time. They are fast paced, structured and lots of fun. We provide all necessary training equipment with schools supplying laptops or tablets to support the route planning element.

One other reason students don’t cycle as much is that they are unsure how to identify and plan a cycle journey, this is where the route planning section is so powerful. Allowing students to use dedicated apps they can plan local journeys, discover a route to their school or college and discover the wider societal benefits to health and wellbeing of increased numbers of people using bikes as a mode of transport.

In short we provide valuable context to existing cycle training initiatives such as Bikeability by framing bikes as a viable mode of transport and allowing students to explore this opportunity.


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