Fix-a-Bike© School Courses

Practical hands-on workshops, our Fix-a-Bike© workshops for schools are structured, dynamic and fun for 30 students. Covering basic bike repair and why cycling is good for both riders and the planet.

Course benefits

  • Practical hands-on bike repair class
  • Links to Geography, PE and Science
  • Interactive cycle route-planning
  • Structured, dynamic and fun
  • Promote active travel
  • 60 student capacity
  • Builds confidence
  • Highly recommended by pupils and staff

Hands-on, maintenance classes teaching up to 60 pupils in a day.

Fast. Fun. Engaging.

How Fix-a-Bike© links to our goals

  • Increasing the number of young cyclists
  • Equipping them with the skills/confidence to carry out repairs, and knowledge of where to ride
  • Increasing diversity and inclusion
  • Improved physical and mental wellbeing with improved air quality for the wider environment and society


What is the problem?

Lack of practical skills among young people
62% of participants haven’t tried to fix a bike before!

Lack of diversity, inclusion and understanding of the wider environmental benefits of cycling
50% – UK government goal for proportion  of journeys to be made by bike by 2030*

Poor physical health and wellbeing outcomes among young population
Currently only 2% of journeys in UK are made by bike

*UK Government’s ‘Gear Change’ policy





We have a solution

Fix-a-Bike© Schools Workshops

  • Basic repairs and quick fixes
  • Hands on and practical
  • Introducing route planning, comparing travel times by mode of transport

Discussing wider benefits of cycling


752 students taught in 2023

18 schools in 2023
4.2 out of 5 for workshop enjoyment by students

20% average increase in students’ confidence to repair

50% change in mindsets about bikes as transport


“Hands down one of the most useful and engaging workshop I have seen! Well done” Class teacher, Crown Lane Primary School,  Lambeth

Offering these courses to schools is great for supporting our  sustainable transport plans, and, they are in such demand!’’ Gary Douglas, Sustainable Travel Manager, Southwark

‘’I have just overheard the year 6 students telling the year 5’s that this is the best course ever!!’’ Deputy Head, Snowsfield Primary School




Call to action

Join us for the journey of scale, as we reach out to work within the education community, building repair skills and changing the mindsets of young people.

Isn’t it time more young people had access to these courses in their schools?

Could your organisation  be part of the change?


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