The club for girls and non-binary young folk living near Burgess Park, aged 10-17years old, to discover the joys of cycling, challenging themselves and learning new skills, all led by the inimitable Iona Hasssan, a globetrotting, super driven cycling advocate.

We wanted to address the issue of low numbers of girls accessing our Bikefix sessions and mixed Bike Clubs by giving them their own space to build confidence and explore the shared joy, excitement and adventure of riding bikes and learning repair skills, with others.

Offering pool bikes to overcome issues of bike ownership, our GB2 is representative of the area within which we are based, with a large proportion of girls from diverse backgrounds and heritage. They enjoy skill building sessions, BMX track coaching, road rides to iconic London landmarks, Velodrome experience days and mountain biking trips to Epping Forest.

Dedicated maintenance classes provide access to repair skills while learning about adventure cycling from the huge number of inspirational riders who volunteer and offer their time is an integral part of what we hoped to achieve.

Delivering improved knowledge of cycle routes and how to plan a journey by bike, the physical, mental and environmental benefits of more people cycling and demystifying the basics in bike repairs in a step by step way these courses support sustainable travel initiatives in a unique way.



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