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Our virtual course mixes bespoke videos and activities with a wonderful Community Cycleworks member,  who will ‘Live Host’. A fun and engaging set of workshops to promote active travel.

Initially, in response to the COVID -19 pandemic when we were unable to physically teach in schools, we have since offered this course to schools and youth clubs that we cannot reach due to location, allowing us to reach more young people and promote cycling to more areas.

The course uses a mixture of our own pre-recorded videos and support resources. Dialling in LIVE to school classes, and hosting the course for you, we are able to engage students and teachers through our three, structured and fun, 1hr lessons. These work for a whole class of up to 30 at a time.

Delivering improved knowledge of cycle routes and how to plan a journey by bike, the physical, mental and environmental benefits of more people cycling and demystifying the basics in bike repairs in a step by step way these courses support sustainable travel initiatives in a unique way.


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